Cyber Monday Special!! KWC Programmable RPM Limiter.

Whether you’re out racing Karts, Micro’s, Lawnmowers, Jr.Car / Trucks, Jr. Drag, or just fooling around with your mini bike, or whatever you have. You are bound to get carried away with it! Maybe you do not have a Tach or RPM Gauge to watch while you’re having IMG_20141129_213949a blast. That is ok with this programmable engine RPM limiter you can set at a desired RPM.

Most Racers or Backyard Warriors modify their engines by removing the governor.  What is going to stop the engine from over revving? How do you know when enough is enough?  Most clones that are made for racing now do not come with a governor  or a flywheel.  The best way to stay safe is to use a Billet Flywheel and a KWC Rev Limiter.

Exclusively at Kart Works very unique design small in size can mount on your top plate.
P# KW-Rev7-10 link to store for more info .
– 5cm x 5cm x 2cm
On sale this Monday only Limit 2 per customer.
Regular $95.00
Sale is over I know you will enjoy your new toy!!

Programmable settings
7000 RPM
7500 RPM
8100 RPM
8500 RPM
8750 RPM
9000 RPM
9500 RPM

REV Limiter!! $95.00 Works on any magneto ignition. Plugs in line with your on off switch.  Set your chip for preferred RPM.
– Range 7000RPM – 10000RPM
– 8 different Range settings to chose from.
If you make a wrong gear choice you can still run with out lifting on the pedal you will just hit the rev chip.
Excellent for Dyno’s as well.  In case of software / hardware malfunction, or human error the Rev limiter will save you engine!