158 Clone Casting Back in stock – New Exhausts Kits and Header wrap services.

New Ported Heads and 158 heads in stock.
Click here for Performance head Complete bolt on – $329.95 2017 AKRA legal.
Bear heads also available. Click here for Stock head $34.95 
No Porting Stock Cast 158 2016 – 2017 AKRA / WKA / NKA Legal.

Due to the fact that we are Canada’s Distributor for Dyno Cams we have adjusted some of our prices on parts manufactured by Dyno Cams. 
New Mod 2 cam price
From 85.67 to $75.00 this is a drop in cam for an awesome power curve up to 7000+ RPM.
Dyno Cams Flywheels from $114.95 to $99.95!
Kart Works 26lb Rev Kits
KW-REV26  from 37.40 to $30.12

Save Money and GO FAST with Kart Works!

We added a new category for 3/4″ OD Headers for the AKRA / WKA/ NKA Box Stock Classes in our Exhaust section.  Click here to check it out.

New RLV High Performance Exhaust for GX200 (GX160), 6.5 Chinese OHV, & 212 Predator Click here to view in On-Line Store. P/N RLV-5435K-1
Add Header wrap service for a complete exhaust wrapped with DEI Header wrap and sealed with DEI Silicon High Temperature Paint for a long lasting beautiful looking header, complete with safety wire for your muffler and brace to limit vibration.

Exhaust Kit for LO206 with DEI Header Wrap or Orange Header Sleeve your Choice.

Click here to view the LO206 Exhausts kit in our online store.

Still working on Hop up kits, stay tune…..
Stage 1, 2 Drop in Performance kits.
Experienced Builders only for Stage 3, 4 Kits

Box Stock A.K.R.A Max Bore +.010″ over Kit by Kart Works Canada.

+.010″ Over Sunnen Cylinder King Max Hone.
Click here for more info and to view in our store.

Max Bore +.010" Over Sunnen Cylinder King Max

Max Bore +.010″ Over Sunnen Cylinder King Max

This is the absolute best hone finish you can get.  Having the ultimate bore and hone job gives you maximum power with a superior ring seal while reducing drag on your rings.
This hone job has race prep clearance and rings are file fit to  give you maximum compression.
Note: Drain Plugs Not included



+.010″ Over Race Ready kit includes;

– 196cc Ducar Block
– +.010″ Piston
– +.010″ Rings
– Piston pin and clips
– Full gasket kit
– Oil seal, and bearing

Clone Air Filter with K&N Oil Squeeze Pack Special

Kart Works has a Special kit for the Clone Must Oil, Air Filter.
We can’t stress to our customers enough that buy the clone air filter to apply filer OIL.
So we have put together a special kit with a discount to encourage customers to oil the clone filters.

To Order CLICK HERE!  $20.00+ Taxes
Air-Oil-PackWith the 2oz oil pack you can oil your filter a few times before you will need more oil.
By that time, your filter will need replacing anyway due to the paper filter material.

NOTE: K&N air filters do not break down over time as fast the Clone filters do.

KWC Rev Limiters in stock!!!

Our Kart Works Rev Limiters are back in stock!
Back orders will ship out Today!

RPM Rev Limiter Programmable

RPM Rev Limiter Programmable

Click here for the link to the Rev Limiter in our On-line store.

Ignition, KWC Rev Limiter 7000RPM – 10000RPM
Installation is Plug and Play!

Download settings and installation (Page that comes with limiter)

Limits the Revs of your engine to one of the 8 programmed settings between 7000 RPM and 10000RPM

Don’t Rev over your engine builders recommended MAX RPM. Set your chip for preferred RPM.
If you lose a chain or spin you will not over rev your engine.  Make the wrong gear choice you can still run with out lifting on the pedal you will just hit the rev chip.
Great for Dyno’s as well in case of run away the rev limiter will keep your engine at a safe RPM.