KWC Predator 212cc Racing Engine Stage 1


Stage 1 212cc Predator

Stage 1 212cc Predator w/plate

This engine is specially prepped for racing, approximately 10HP


  • PVL Aluminum Flywheel 10,000 RPM Rated
  • Pulse fitting for fuel pump or plug if not required included
  • Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve
  • Governor Removed
  • Dual Ball Bearing Block
  • Ducar Hemi Head
  • Ruixing Carb .615” – 15.62mm venturi
  • Carb Re-Jetted w/ Honda OEM Jet
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Chrome Faced 1mm (Thin) Top Ring
  • Hardened Dished Valves
  • Valve retainers and keepers
  • HD rockers with EZ lash adjustment
  • Valve Size IN/EX: 27mm/24mm
  • Stroke: 54.94mm
  • Bore: 70mm
  • KWC Custom Seal, Crank case and Head
  • EZ Pull-Start Design

  • Top Plate Throttle Linkage
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel filter
  • Tygon Lines w/ fuel line reducer   



All GX200 and Clone 200 Headers will fit on the Predator 212cc HEMI Head
Recommended Header – RLV-5435K-1
Recommended Muffler – RLV-4106
Clamp also needed 5/16″ – RLV-4144