Clone Motor Aluminum Clutch Guard w/ Dzus Fasteners


Clutch Guard that mounts to the chain guard black anodized finish.

This is a quick announcement about the new Clone Motor Aluminium Clutch Guards. These Clutch Guards Mount on Clone Motor chain guard. They help protect the drivers arm and/or hip from the clutch. They are quick and easy to remove but there is some drilling of the chain guard required.  These Clutch Guards are for Safety at 5150 Speedway and are mandatory if you want to race. You can get these Clutch Guards at our Online store at 

5150 Speedway 4th Annual Banquet

Congratulations to all the raffle winners at the 4th Annual 5150 Speedway Banquet on Saturday.

The Top Prize Box Stock Engine Build from Kart Works Canada was won by Mark Phelan!!

Thanks to all our vendors that help support our track this year we thank you very much for your generous donations. This year we raised $620.00 for 5150 Speedway!!!

It was an awesome turn out at the 5150 Speedway Banquet!! This year it was at the Tilbury Golf Club, the food was good. The Trophy table was loaded with Trophies for the 2015 Championship top finishers, as well special trophies for Hard Chargers, Rookie of the Year and other fun categories like Hard Luck! (Most blown engines). The Live band had a very good choice in music, to finish the night off.

Everyone talked about their plans and ideas for next year. Witch leaves us all in anticipation to what everyone will be doing all winter to prepare for the next racing year. We look forward to seeing you at the first meeting for the new 2016 Racing Season.

Thanks to Liz and everyone that made it a great success.

Kart Works Will be raffling of a Power Fist Engine Donated by Princess Auto at the first 5150 meeting for the 2016 racing year. Stay tune for more information.