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Briggs and Stratton SKU: GKS-1117

Wheel, TRI-STAR RIMS 6"X4" LIVE AXLE 4" WIDE (Mini Bike)

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These 4" wide, Two Piece 6" Live Axle Tri Star Rims are used on keyed, round 1" OD axles with a 3/4" OD step down on each end. 3.75" Bolt Hole Circle. Grade 5 hardware included. The inside wheel half has a 1" bore with a 1/4" keyway. The outside wheel half has a 3/4" bore, no keyway. The 1" bore side of the wheel mounts up onto the 1" axle with a key installed to hold it onto the axle. The 3/4" bore side of the wheel "butts" up against the "step down". (the area where the axle goes from a 1" OD down to 3/4" OD) The 3/4" bore rim half prevents the entire wheel from being able to slide up onto the 1" part of the axle. They do not use hubs. Innertubes are required with all 2 piece split rims. The following tires fit the 4" wide Tri Star 6" Wheels: 13x5.00-6, 13x6.50-6, 14.5x7.0-6, 15x6.00-6, 5.30x4.50-6 and 12x6.00-6.