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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: KW-Twist

Tool, Crank Cam Gear Twister

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Kart Works Canada, Home of The Twister.

Simple and easy to use.  With this tool you can change your cam timing right to the advanced degree you prefer or to a retarded degree position with ease.  The long handles make spinning the gear on the crank easy to move and easy to control how far you go.  Install a degree wheel and mark your start and finish so there is no guessing on where you are and where you want to be.

The Twister can be used on most Small Block single cylinder engines from 160cc up to 234cc Honda or Clone Hondas. 

Will not work on GX120's.  If you would like a twister for a GX120 contact us with your request.  If there is a big enough demand for them, I will make some.

Kart Works Canada Twister.

RETARDING a camshaft will improve the higher RPM range performance and lessen the low RPM performance.

Twister in Retard Position

ADVANCING a camshaft will improve the low RPM performance and lessen the high RPM performance
Kart Works Canada Twister in Advanced position