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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: AM-HM035R

Self Powered Digital Tach - Max RPM Recall + Hour Meter Replaceable Battery

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Product description

Runleader RL-HM035R Self Powered Engine Digital Maintenance Reminder Tachometer contains tachometer, hour meter, service timers, job timer , Programmable max RPM reminder and backlit mode selection. Replaceable battery ,Shutdown function and waterproof design

Product Feautures:
1 Hour Meter (TOT) Features---- Help to track how many hours are the engine working.
■When engine is off, display shows total run time of engine and remains visible.
■Total Hours reading displays from 0 to 99,999 Hours, 0.1 hours accuracy.
■TOT hours are non-resettable.
■When TOT hours exceeds 99999 hours,timing value will be restared from 0 automatically.

2 Service timers (SVC) Features---- Countdown tracking time, Maintenance Reminder, such as change air filter.
■Programmable maintenance interval time from 0-200 hours
■Once maintenance time arrived, the service warning icon will be flashed to remind.

3 JOB timer (JOB) Features---- Used to measure the time of a particular work job,such as change oil.
■TO operate related button, you can check the JOB timer easily.
■JOB timer read from 0 to 99,999 hours, 0.1 hours accuracy.
■JOB timer is resettable.

4 Tachometer Features---- Display real-time RPM value, Alert RPM reminder and Max RPM recall.
■ Record the real-time RPM value when engine is on.
■ Various of engine firing patterns can be programmaed, keep the RPM more accurate.
■ Tachometer displays from 0-25,000 RPM with 10 RPM resolution
■ RPM value update time by programmable refresh rate: 0.5S/1S.
■ Record and recall engine MAX RPM
■ Programmable RPM Alert,Red backlight display and warning icon will be flashed to remind engine RPM value exceed.

5 Other Features
■ Include internal battery CR2032, data retained when replace the battery.
■ LCD Screen size 40.9mm×16.9mm with Green Backlit.