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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: KW-CMPUSH3/16

Pushrod 3/16" O.D.

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Heavy Duty Chrome Moly Pushrods
Considerably stiffer than stock. Use with all HD springs. Capable of 10,000+ RPM.

The following are recommendations only and may not work for all applications. See notes regarding pushrod length:
GX200, BSP "Clones", 6.5 Chinese OHVs
  • 5.260" Stock Length: Use with Stamped Rocker Arms
  • 5.160" (-.100): Use with Billet & Roller Tip Rocker Arms
  • 5.110" (-.150): Use with Billet/Roller Tip Rockers along with extensive milling (>.065")
  • 5.440" (+.180): Allows the use of 160 lifters in 200 blocks to reduce valve train weight. Reduces combined lifter/pushrod weight by approximately 7%. Use with Stamped Rocker Arms
  • 5.340" (+.080): Allows use of 160 lifters in 200 blocks with Billet or Roller Rockers. Also, use with Aluminum Rockers
212 Predators (Old Style)
  • 5.200": Stock Length
  • 5.110": Use with Billet & Roller Rockers
  • 5.260": Use with Aluminum Rocker Arms
212 Predators (Hemi Head)
  • 5.540" Stock Length: most applications
  • 5.440" (-.100): Use with extensive milling
  • 5.260": Use with NR Racing Hemi Rollers
  • 5.160": Use with NR Racing Hemi Rollers and heads milled .065 or more, also with large base circle cams.
*Note: Due to differences in cam base circles, deck heights, head milling, gasket thickness, rocker arms, etc., actual pushrod length can vary. Pushrods are sold for the experienced engine builder. We recommend you assemble the motor first and then determine the correct pushrod length. One of the best ways is to grind a stock pushrod until you get the correct geometry, measure that, and then order one closest to that size.

*Depending on availability, pushrods may be black anodized or uncoated.