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Wiseco SKU: BL-11257P4

Piston Flattop Forged Wiseco Piston 2.702"X .640"

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Wiseco Piston  2.702 bore  x .640 compression height (incl. piston, rings, & circlips)  Commonly used as the piston in stroker Animals, this piston is approximately .014" larger than the stock Animal bore.  It is also used in +.140" overbored flathead engines (aka 1982p140).  In the Animal, it is used with our #6240 connecting rod and either a stock "Raptor" crank, or ARC's hardened chromolly billet version of that crank, #6581-c.  The piston has a thick top that will need to be cut down to your specific deck height.  This piston does not include a wrist pin and we recommend the heavy duty #6521 wrist pin in all OHV applications.