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Wiseco SKU: BL-11678PS

Piston Flattop Forged Wiseco Piston 2.678" X .640

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The new Wiseco 11678PS piston is designed for the standard 2.678" bore on  GX160, GX200 and 196cc Clone engines, so with a fresh block and this new 6234 rod, you have a drop-in high performance piston/rod combination.  If your bore is larger, out-of-round, or the engine has already been run for a while with the stock bore piston, you will need to hone the block and use a larger piston such as the 11678PS for a 2.683" bore (+.004")

Wiseco Piston  for 2.678" bore.  

This is the stock bore on a GX200, GX160, and the 196cc Clones.  Can also be used on a Briggs & Stratton 5HP flathead as a +.115"   Compression Height is .640"