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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: KW-5507SKITK

LO206 Exhaust Kit with Sleeve

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Exhaust Kit Includes;

2 x KW-M6x20DB - Exhaust bolts
1 x RLV-4216 - Copper Gasket
1 x RLV-5507 - Exhaust LO206
1 x RLV-4144 - Clamp
1 x RLV-4104 - Muffler
1 x LA80006K - Muffler sleeve with clamps
2 x DC PC-1000BK - Black Heat Sleeve
2 x PA-8263733 - 12" Stainless steel tie
1 x KW-M001 - (0.064”) Braded safety wire with crimp
5 x T 7661-1 -(0.038”) safety wire for header bolts and wrap
1 x SF-122 M6x55 Bolt for header
1 x SF-101 M6 Nylock nut
2 x SF-087 Washers
1 x SF-123 1/4" Lock Washer