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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: DC-EngKWExBuild

KWC Extreme Pro Clone Blue Printed 2021 AKRA Engine

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Kart Works AKRA Extreme Blue Printing Package Includes:

- Dyno Cams Red Stock Engine 6.5
- Tech Engine to AKRA Rules 
- PVL Aluminium Flywheel
- Flywheel, degree wheel to check and set ignition timing
- KWC Box Stock Carb blue printed to AKRA Rule .615" bore GO NOGO Gauge
- Special attention is put into CC'ing the combustion chamber.
- Engine inspection of parts for run out and manufacture defects
- Max Bore 
- Over Sized Pistion

- Cleaning Engine Bore and other parts of manufacturing shavings and chips
- Hand picked Crank Shaft with best legal stroke.
- Dyno Cams Choice of Cam. (Options Below)

- Special attention is also put into the valve train.
- High Tension Valve Springs
- Low Tension piston rings, file fit top ring.
- Bench Test Engine is run and flushed, timing and carb tuning check.
- Walbro Fuel Pump with Fuel Lines Tygon
- NGK Iridium IX BPR5EIX Spark Plug
- PMI 1/2" Thick Ported Header, and Brace
- Exhaust Header Wrapped
- RLV Mini Silencer
- Pulse Fitting
- Fuel Filter
Tygon Lines 1/4” & 3/16”
- 1/4" 3/16" Fuel line reducer
- Small Safety clip for throttle linkage
- Walbro Square Fuel Pump 
- Air Filter Adapter with Choke / Holder
- K&N Filter 4x3x4 20^ 4 DIA. x 3 DIA x 4 Long Tapered Filter
- Outer Wear Air Filter Cover
- PMI Top Plate with Throttle Kit - Safety Return Spring
- PMI Tall Chain Guard
- Engine Care Sheet
- Intake & Exhaust Covers
- KWC Magnetic Drain Plug
- No Oil - TAG & Safety Clip
Dyno testing also available with print out at extra cost.