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Dyno-Cams SKU: DCS-BSH-M

Improved 10.8lb "Green Stripe" Valve Spring, Preset, Clone

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The "Green Stripe" springs are the same as our DCS-BS 10.8 lb spring but have been through a specific process to reduce the amount of spring pressure loss from running in the engine. DCS-BS lose between .8-1.2 lbs of spring pressure where as the DCS-BSH, and DCS-BSH-M, only lose between .2-.6 lbs of pressure. This will allow the engine to run a higher RPM before experiencing uncontrolled valve float. DCS-BSH-M are checked and preset in house to meet AKRA technical guidelines.


Engine: 196cc OHV Clone
Brand: DynoCams
Spring Pressure: 10.6-10.8 lbs @ .850"
  17.8-18.0 lbs @ .650"