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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: GKS-215699A

Genuine Comet 30 Series Tension Spring

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Made in the USA.
STOCK Green Driven Pulley Spring.
This Tension Spring Must Be Pre-Loaded.
Read the Spring Installation Instructions Below!


Tension Spring
Installation Instructions 215699A

Adjusting the spring tension on the driven pulley changes the rpm range at which the unit shifts into high gear. The three numbered holes on the cam are used to change the spring tension. Hole #1 provides the least tension and allows the unit to shift gears at a lower rpm. This is good for flat ground. Hole #3 provides the most tension and allows the unit to shift gears at a higher rpm. This is good for hilly terrain. Hole #2 is the factory setting providing medium tension good for the most common riding conditions.

You must pre-load the spring when installing it into the driven pulley. After placing the end of the spring in the desired hole and aligning the flat spots in the center of the cam with the flats on the post, just before pushing the cam all the way on to the post, turn the movable sheave clockwise -- tightening the spring -- bringing the buttons past the points of the cam and into the next valley. While holding tension on the spring, push the cam all the way on to the post and secure it with the snap ring. When you release the movable sheave the spring should rotate it counter-clockwise until the plastic buttons press against the cam. The insert buttons must not "float" between the cams.

The "20" stamped on the cam indicates that it is a 20 degree cam, not that it is a Series 20 torque converter. The 20 degree cam is used on both the 20 and 30 Series torque converters. One way to tell the two apart is to look at the angle of the pulleys. On the 20 Series, both pulley sheaves have the same angle. On the 30 series, the sheave toward the motor is nearly flat while the opposite sheave is angled.