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Burris SKU: FR-25-00

Fuel, Hi Quality 2.5Q Tank Floor Mount

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Floor pan mounted 2.5 qt Fuel Tank.  This tank shows that CBI has listened to the needs of the racers. The tank is low profile and fits on the floor pan under the steering shaft.  It has "molded in" threaded inserts that sit flush with the bottom of the legs and includes mounting hardware. This provides a solid, secure attachment that will be worry free. The floor of the tank is angled toward the right rear where the fuel pickup is located.  The high quality vented cap has a rubber seal that wont leak or fall out and it fits the tank's threads cleanly.   The neck on the tank is angled just right for easy filling. In Box Stock, the 2.5qt capacity will easily store enough gasoline for over 100 laps on a 1/5 mile track.