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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: KW-DUCAR-212-S3 ENGINEK

Engine, Ducar 212 Stage 3 S3

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New Build, Disassemble, remove governor, Inspect, Clean, Replace OEM Part, Reassemble.
Clean Inspect Bore, Piston, Piston Rings, Piston pin, Connecting Rod, Deck Surface, Crank case gasket area.
Replace side cover gasket
Tap and plug governor holes
Drill tap oil sensor oil for plug
Tap case cover for plug / pulse fitting
Replace head gasket
Replace timing key
Set coil gap
Replace spark plug - NGK-BPR6ES
Full Stud Kit and solid Dowels
Replace Stock Rod with ARC Billet Rod
Check rod clearance
Deck head for increased compression
Valve seat enhanced 6 angle Intake and 5 angle exhaust cuts for increased flow
Cylinder head port work, sharp edges and blending for increased flow
Remove OEM 18lb springs with 37lb springs
Titanium valve spring retainers
Spring install height service
Valve to piston clearance
Block Clearance for Aftermarket parts
Remove OEM Camshaft replace with 308 Dyno Cam’s Camshaft
Valve train geometry
Chrome moly push rods cut to custom lengths
Replace drain plug with magnetic
Assemble with Joe Gibbs Assembly grease
Replace carburetor with 22mm Mikuni round slide jetted for gas
Label bolts, choke, fuel, No Oil!
Stickers, paper work Engine Care

87 – 94 Octane fuel – Use Ultra 94 for best performance!