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Box Stock Project SKU: KW-AKRA-HEADK

Cylinder Head, AKRA Ported Cast Blue Printed Bolt On

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This head is completely assembled and blue printed to 2021 AKRA Rules Bolt on and GO FAST!
JT or TG-1 Cylinder Head, Clone OEM 6.5 22cc

We have invested many hours on the flow bench and dyno to bring you the optimal custom port design. To produce the most power, not only do we hand port the head, we also mill the head for the minimum CC check and do our own custom multi angle valve job. We have seen huge gains on top end!

Note - This head is legal per 2021 AKRA Rules

Kit Includes;
Intake and Exhaust Valves
Inlet Valve Oil Seals
Intake and Exhaust Valve Retainers
Performance Springs 10.8lb
Lash Cap
Rocker Arm Assembly consists of the following: (rocker pivot bolts, rocker pivots, rocker lock nuts, and rocker arms.)
Push rod guide plate  
Carburetor studs
Exhaust studs
Exhaust Nuts.