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NR-Racing SKU: NR-C-252-0207

Camshaft, 252-0207 GX 160-200 Honda Racing Camshaft

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Camshaft, 252-0207 SPECIAL HIGH TORQUE GRIND FOR SMALL TRACKS, 6000 rpm, 18 lb Springs Required, 26 recommended. 10 to 1 Compression or recommend, however it will work with lower compression ratios.

This is one of the best choices for low end power, esp on small dirt tracks with heavy drivers.



Approx .252 lift and 230 degrees duration (at .050). Welded and ground cam provides significant power improvements over stock cam. Works best with mild motors using bored OEM or aftermarket carbs. Cam is BOLT IN and does not require block modifications yet keeps stock base circle to maintain correct valve train geometry. 26lb springs should be used. Great with 1.3 rockers. Our number one seller.