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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: KW-E014

Briggs LO206 Fuel Pump or Round Walbro Riser

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Designed for Briggs Fuel Pump 597338 or Walbro Round Pump P#DC FPC-1

100% fuel resistant.
This riser will help keep your fuel cooler increasing power.
Fuel pump not included.

It effectively shields the fuel from direct heat transfer from the engine top plate.
This riser provides substantial cooling air passages between the pump and top plate.

750X less heat transfer than the aluminum units available!
Under racing conditions your top plate can get upwards of 200*F
An 80*F temperature rise can reduce your fuel density by 0.4 lbs. per gallon 
Thereby reducing fuel BTU's per pound of fuel reducing power!

Easily installs with a 4mm allen wrench in just a few minutes.
This pump riser kit complies with the 2019 Briggs 206 United States and Canadian Rule Set. 

What is included in this kit: 
1 high quality fuel pump riser: 
2 6mm X 35mm zinc allen cap bolts,