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ARC Racing Products SKU: ARC-6270

ARC Rod Honda GX200 STD OHV 3.303

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ARC stock length billet rod with bearing inserts for the GX200 & GX160 or the BSP196cc(clone)
3.303" center-to-center.  For use with the stock crankshaft and stock style (dished or flat top) piston in modified engines.  Uses ARC's custom manufactured bearing inserts and ARP rod bolts manufactured specifically for ARC. ARC has the only forced oiling scoop dipper rods available for these engines providing superior lubrication at the bearing journal.

Also available in longer lengths  to bring the piston up closer to the top of the deck without machining the block.  +.010 (#6269) and +.020 (#6271)

Mandatory for all HP applications