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ARC Racing Products SKU: ARC-6057

ARC Billet Sidecover for GX200-Clone-Predator Hemi

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The long anticipated Billet Sidecover for the GX200 / Clone and Predator Hemi Engine has arrived. It has the attention to detail and good looks that have come to be expected of ARC's billet products. It features side by side dual ball bearings that support the crank and gives it another fulcrum point to help eliminate any crankshaft flexing. It has an integral o-ring along the perimeter in it's machined groove that guarantees a  good seal. 4 solid pin receptacles mate with solid dowels to increase mating shear strength. Bronze bushing(with ARC's adavanced oil system) support for camshaft main increases strength and minimizes potential for wear. It has 2 venting holes at the top with 1/8" NPT Plugs. It also has 2 oil fill ports with billet ARC aluminum hand tighten plugs. Another useful feature is the threaded holes over the side dowel -pins so that small bolts (included) can be used to push the side cover for easy removal.
 * Includes: Bearings, Seal, Gasket, O-Ring, Plugs and caps and installation hardware.


***use 14oz of oil in most applications***

***Select Predator Hemi and 212cc blocks will not have proper size dowel holes at the top and bottom of the block. You will need to drill them to proper size if you want all 4 dowels in the sidecover*** 

 * Important *  Due to variations in clone blocks, you may find that the side cover is not quite lining up with all four dowel pins. Try removing the bottom dowel pin if you encounter difficulty. Contact our tech department if you have any problems. Will Not fit old style Harbor Freight Greyhound or Non Hemi engine. Will Not work with Stud Kit.