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ARC Racing Products SKU: ARC-6240

ARC 3.625 Stroker Rod, Animal

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3.625" Animal "Stroker" Rod with bearing inserts.
ARC's +.237 stroker rod is designed to give you the most rod length you can get with the stock block and either an ARC 6580 Billet Crankshaft or a Briggs and Stratton "Raptor" crankshaft. Uses the shorter compression height Wiseco or a JE style piston with approximately .090" cut off the top. This piston uses smaller,.490" wrist pin which is a much lighter combination than stock. A longer rod lessens the rod angle at half-stroke, which decreases stress on the rod and piston to wall pressure. This provides considerable improvement in durability and performance over the stock setup.  Bolts and bearings are included.

Rod bolt torque: 170 in/lbs lubricated