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Kart Works Canada Inc. SKU: KW-K001K

Air Kit, GX120/160/200 - Clone 200/212 Small Block Air Intake Kit

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Open Element Racing Air Filter and Adapter/Velocity Stack,

ASN, AKRA, WKA legal

Includes Choke Lever hold down Bracket.

Fits most GX120 to GX200 Hondas, 6.5 Chinese OHVs, and 212 Predators
Note: This air filter require significant richer jetting compared to the stock jet. Typically a #92 for GX200s, #95 for 212 Predators, and #98 for 6.5 Ru*ing Carbs (6.5 Chinese) will be needed.

Pick your jet below.

Filter should be sprayed with K&N type oil, especially in dirt applications. Oil not included