Chassis Services and Info

 - Chassis Straightening, Sand Blasting, Powder Coating
 - Axle, tie rod, and steering shaft Straightening
 - Spindle repair
 - Tire and Wheel Services

 -  KWC Tare Down Sheet for Oval Karts
 -  KWC Scale + Setup Oval Track Sheet
 -  Slack Setup book

Surface Plate

Engine Shop Rates
Engine Machine Work, Repair and Testing
is done off site at the machine shop. 

Lead time for engine work is 1 - 4 weeks
Engine Shop Rates:
Labor rates
General Labor: $60.00 /hour
|Machine work: $100.00 /hour
Dyno Testing $250.00per test average over 5 tests is Printed for your record
Dyno Tuning $100.00 /hour after setup fee $150.00

Engine Shop Picture

  Engine Shop Services:

-  Rebuild, Balance, Tune, Repair 
-  Complete block, cylinder head machining
-  Boring 
-  CC’ing, resurfacing 
-  Dyno testing 
-  Flow Bench Testing
- TIG / MIG Welding 

Lead time for engine work is;
1 - 2 weeks in the off season
2 - 4 weeks during racing season
April is our Busiest time of the year.

Performance Trends with Water Brake Load cell

KWC Dyno

  GX160 - GX200 Honda Engine Data
    -  Shop Manual GX160 GX200
    -  GX200 User Manual
    -  GX200 Parts List 1

Kart Works Canada Documents
 - Plastic Repair
 - Race Gas versus Pump Gas
 - Spark Plug Reading
 - Big Bore Honda Concerns
 - Kart Works Cylinder Head Instructions

Mychron Repair Center right here in Canada!

Kart Works can repair your Mychron, Buttons, connectors, water damage, gasket replacement, firm ware updates.  Your Mychron is serviced by a Licensed Electrician in house with over 18 year’s experience.

Hilliard Clutch Info:
 - Flame Spring Chart
 - Flame Instructions
 - Fire Instructions
 - Leading vs. Trailing
 - Bully Conversion Kit
 - Gear Ratio Chart


Bully Clutch Info:
 - 2 Disc 6 Spring Bully Instructions

Other Installation Documents
 - M&M Body kit install