KWC Predator 212cc Racing Engine Stage 1


Stage 1 212cc Predator

Stage 1 212cc Predator w/plate

This engine is specially prepped for racing, approximately 10HP


  • PVL Aluminum Flywheel 10,000 RPM Rated
  • Pulse fitting for fuel pump or plug if not required included
  • Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve
  • Governor Removed
  • Dual Ball Bearing Block
  • Ducar Hemi Head
  • Ruixing Carb .615” – 15.62mm venturi
  • Carb Re-Jetted w/ Honda OEM Jet
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Chrome Faced 1mm (Thin) Top Ring
  • Hardened Dished Valves
  • Valve retainers and keepers
  • HD rockers with EZ lash adjustment
  • Valve Size IN/EX: 27mm/24mm
  • Stroke: 54.94mm
  • Bore: 70mm
  • KWC Custom Seal, Crank case and Head
  • EZ Pull-Start Design

  • Top Plate Throttle Linkage
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel filter
  • Tygon Lines w/ fuel line reducer   



All GX200 and Clone 200 Headers will fit on the Predator 212cc HEMI Head
Recommended Header – RLV-5435K-1
Recommended Muffler – RLV-4106
Clamp also needed 5/16″ – RLV-4144


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Merry Christmas Cheers from Kart Works Canada Inc!

NEW Quick Throttle Linkage Complete Kit.

Kart Works Canada New Quick Throttle Linkage Complete Kit.
Over the years we have had many different versions of linkage kits for slide carbs.  Sometimes they come with everything you need, and some don’t. 
We also offer just the bracket for quick swapping engines.  All other parts for this linkage you can find on our web site.

P# KW-E003 $39.94
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