New PMI Clutch Guard Install Quick and Easy

This NEW Safety clutch guard kit from PMI comes with instructions on how to install, and can also be used as a template!
Check it out, in a matter of minutes we had the clutch guard installed.
Safety Clutch Guards mount on the engine chain guard. They help protect the drivers arm and/or hip from the clutch. The Dzus Fasteners make it quick and easy to remove.

They will work with all the engine chain guards we stock, Check them out HERE


Engine Shop update December 2013

Whats happening in the Engine Shop these days?
At Kart Works we are always striving to be the best at what we do.
If you use copper head gaskets you may have trouble with getting a proper seal.

We now have tooling to O-ring blocks and cylinder heads.
.032″ diameter stainless steel wire is used with a copper head gasket.
Block O-Ring Install KWC

We have a full machine shop for all your engine building needs check out our price list here.
Engine Shop Price List

How to achieve proper chain tension.


The proper chain tension is critical to achieving acceptable service life as excessive tension can cause accelerated wear or chain overload and excessive slack can cause rough chain operation and possibly result in the chain skipping a sprocket tooth, resulting in a catastrophic failure. For the majority of slow and medium speed drives, the total mid-span movement in the slack span of the chain should be approximately 4-6% of the drive’s center distance. For drives operating at high speeds, impulse or reversing loads, the total mid-span movement should be reduced to 2-3% of the center distance. Drives with vertical centers should also be adjusted to the smaller percentage. If the drive is designed to incorporate shaft adjustment or an idler, the amount of movement or “take-up” should always allow for the removal of two pitches of chain.