New Hilliard Fire Clutch in Stock NOW!

After popular demand we have started stocking the new Hilliard FIRE Clutch!!
Click here to view in our online store $169.95
All Hilliard new needle bearing clutches come with a clutch bolt kit and needle bearing as well the new keyed big washer / grease shield.

The Inferno Fire racing clutch is the latest engineered product for the racing industry. The Fire clutch includes all of the design advantages of the Flame with several new features that make the Fire the best drum clutch available on the market. The Fire clutch has a bonded friction lining that improves consistency and performance. The friction material has been engineered to have a dynamic coefficient of friction that is very close to the static coefficient of friction. This creates a flatter engagement profile with less engine bogging during lock-up. The racer can utilize the optional weights to fine tune the clutch to keep the rpm in a band close to peak engine torque. This is very important for sprint racing to get the best acceleration off the corners. The Fire clutch is ideal for the LO206 engine because of the smooth engagement and the ability to tune the clutch for each color slide. The friction lining prevents the drum surface from galling so no sanding is needed inside the drum and the clutch should be cleaned with brake cleaner. Other new features include the needle bearing design, grease trap and drum vents. The grease trap is engineered to catch any grease or oil that comes out of the bearing. The added radial vents allow any debris to quickly exit the clutch without getting trapped under the shoes. Less contamination in the clutch gives better consistency and performance. These new features make the Fire clutch the best choice for all classes. It is recommended to add the optional weights in classes weighing 400# or over for additional torque capacity

158 Clone Casting Back in stock – New Exhausts Kits and Header wrap services.

New Ported Heads and 158 heads in stock.
Click here for Performance head Complete bolt on – $329.95 2017 AKRA legal.
Bear heads also available. Click here for Stock head $34.95 
No Porting Stock Cast 158 2016 – 2017 AKRA / WKA / NKA Legal.

Due to the fact that we are Canada’s Distributor for Dyno Cams we have adjusted some of our prices on parts manufactured by Dyno Cams. 
New Mod 2 cam price
From 85.67 to $75.00 this is a drop in cam for an awesome power curve up to 7000+ RPM.
Dyno Cams Flywheels from $114.95 to $99.95!
Kart Works 26lb Rev Kits
KW-REV26  from 37.40 to $30.12

Save Money and GO FAST with Kart Works!

We added a new category for 3/4″ OD Headers for the AKRA / WKA/ NKA Box Stock Classes in our Exhaust section.  Click here to check it out.

New RLV High Performance Exhaust for GX200 (GX160), 6.5 Chinese OHV, & 212 Predator Click here to view in On-Line Store. P/N RLV-5435K-1
Add Header wrap service for a complete exhaust wrapped with DEI Header wrap and sealed with DEI Silicon High Temperature Paint for a long lasting beautiful looking header, complete with safety wire for your muffler and brace to limit vibration.

Exhaust Kit for LO206 with DEI Header Wrap or Orange Header Sleeve your Choice.

Click here to view the LO206 Exhausts kit in our online store.

Still working on Hop up kits, stay tune…..
Stage 1, 2 Drop in Performance kits.
Experienced Builders only for Stage 3, 4 Kits

Newly added items – Check them out!

We are always adding new items and removing old items weekly.
here’s what we got this week, 390 Top Plate I know a few have been waiting for this item as the clone 390’s are getting very popular now with the price and HP for a stock engine!
Also got the 1″ drivers for the Noram 1″ bore and Bully 1″ bore clutches. Will have the Shoes the Noram Star up there soon.

Check the Link New Products … on the left of the web store under the parts menu.

Kart Works News for February.

We are Happy to announce that after 8+ years of hard work, helping people from all over Canada we have made quite a name for ourselves! Offering Tech help to our customers and any part needed for custom projects and deadlines to GO FAST!
Just recently Dyno Cams has asked us to be the sole Distributor for Canada.  Being a major importer of small engine parts as well as go-kart accessories. We have the parts you need, as well as services for small racing engines and karts right here in Canada!

Here are some of the new parts listed on the site in the last month.  Next we will be putting together hop up kits, to take the guess-work out of putting together a working package for your engine build.  If any ideas or comments please email us (Contact Us) with them as we love to hear from our customers and use the feedback to better your experience with Kart Works.

New – Intake kits for the Honda/Clone 200cc and 390cc engines.   
Air Filter Kit for GX200 (GX160), 6.5 Chinese OHV, & 212 Predator.
Small Block Kit $36.75  
GX270 – 420 Clone – “Big Block”
Big Block Kit $42.60
Click Here to view!

Full LO206 Kit
Click Here – Details
Include an Animal LO206 Engine with this kit and have a turn-key engine you can assemble yourself like a pro!
Everything in this kit is ASN legal.  

This is the same LO206 Kit as above with orange sleeve that slides over the header and a 6′ piece of DEI Header wrap and safety wire to wrap your header. 
Everything you need to GO FAST!

Hilliard New Sprockets / with needle bearing
New Style Hilliard sprockets will only be available once our old stock is sold out. 
We still have quite a bit of stock in the old style drivers.  We will let you know if we are sold out within 24 hours of your order.


Joe Gibbs KRT 0W-20 Synthetic Oil

Ideal for clone engines and Honda engines, KRT delivers dyno proven power gains and race proven durability.  KRT is compatible with pump gas and race fuels.
Click here for more details.

Upcoming News and Events

5150 Speedway Drivers Meeting February 14

2017 registration and track rules meeting will be held on February 14 at 6:30pm at the Stoney Point Sportsman’s Club.  Bring a completed Registration form to expedite the registration process.

Season registration is $60 . After April 15, registration is $100
Registration form available on website. Please fill in for Driver meeting
Season parking pit spots remain $25 .

summary page 2017

There will be no more Tuesday Pick ups between 3-8pm. 
We have removed our pick up hours as of 2017, we will still make appointments for services pick ups and drop off, but will not be open to the public for sales.  We are a mail order company, all sales must be called in emailed, or placed online.
All orders must be made 24 hours in advance with a request of pick up and paid in full. We can work with you for pick ups, they will only be by appointment only.

  • Hot Dog Demo Day at Princess Auto – To Be announced soon!!
  • New Turnkey clone to be announced in March!
  • Exhaust Kits
  • Hop Up Kits



KWC December News Letter

Closed for the Holidays
We will be closed for the Holidays Dec 23rd until Jan 2nd.  Orders will still be queued online with our system and ship out after Jan 2nd.  If you place your order during these closed days you will still receive follow up emails with your order.

Sales for Dec-Feb P# BSP-1200
Blower shroud sale red and yellow shrouds $21.50  NOW $7.00 make your engine look like new again. Or Buy a Recoil get a matching Shroud for Free!!! – When you buy a recoil your shroud will be added to your invoice before shipping.
Don’t get stuck on the grid with a broken pull cord.  If it has been a year or so since you have replaced your recoil now is the time!  Also the tabs that are on your shrouds flex and flex lap after lap you won’t be surprised to see that one or two may be broken and you don’t even know it.

New 2017 KWC – AKRA Short Blocks — $499.95
Top notch piece, just what you would expect from Kart Works Canada. Nothing but the best machine work and parts goes into our AKRA Blue printed race ready blocks.   Similar blocks kits are sold in the USA for around the same price after the exchange and shipping is worked in.  These Kits are Machined and assembled right here in Canada. We have added a few Go Fast extras to the build. We only supply our customers with the best bore you can get. We use a Sunnen Cylinder King Max Boring Mill with a unique stoning process that gives you a premium bore superior to the competition.   Advantages to having local engine services, Canadian currency, no boarder hassles, quicker  turnaround time, and best of all shopping in Canada will help Karting grow in Canada.
Click here to view online.

AKRA Race ready Blue printed heads will also be available soon.  Keep checking our New Items Link.  Click here

Kart Works is your choice for all your GO Fast needs!!
Special upcoming events coming in spring 2017:
Drivers Meetings
5150 & South Buxton
also to be announced in the New Year

Kart Works Demo /Hot Dog Day @ Princess Auto.

Now is the time!

Give your kart an overhaul! 
Before you dig in make sure you download our setup sheet.
If you don’t have one they are located on our services page or you can click below.

Full Setup Sheet
Quick Change Sheet

Take that machine down to the chassis and inspect all parts of your race kart!  Make a list of what needs to be fixed and or replaced.  If you think your chassis might be bent, no worries we have a 6 x 6 Surface Plate Fixture, plus all the tools needed to straighten your chassis.  If you notice some broken welds, or want something welded we got you covered there as well. Also we straightening axles +/- .002″ run out, tie rods, steering shafts, you name it we can do it!

The off season is the best time to bring your engine in for rebuild and 2017 updates to
Kart Works Canada. 

Click to view this News Letter as a PDF
December Kart Works News Letter.